Thursday, November 24, 2011

Not So Simple Simple things

Confusing title huh? Well no confusion intended, what I mean is spicing up everyday things. I mean let's be real we can't all be be arsed to look fabulous when its dark out come morning and reaching minus degrees outside, yes i said it and felt it,MINUS! Thats why I like my everyday boring items to be a bit personal so there's always something nice to look at. It can be different things to everyone, for me its my iphone and laptop case, because I'm never without either one of the two. Check these ones out from Society 6.

Here is my Asos laptop case, colourful enough to brighten the dullest of English Lessons.

See I would have taken a full shot of my desk , but anyone that knows me knows that there is no such thing as desk, there is MESS!

Where are we Google Translate ?

There are times when living in country where you don't understand the language is an advantage. They find plain ol' English "Exotic" and even the sights on everyday train rides are fascinating. However sometimes it just leads you into questionable situations. Like today. Just when maria and I found the perfect spot to take pictures we came to the realization that we were in a GRAVEYARD! I really hope this doesn't leave me with 7 years
 bad luck ...

Top & Boots Topshop, Skirt Asos, Cardigan H&M

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Some peoples' style has a way of enticing you and making you wonder, 
"Where hell did she get that ?" 
Sadly for me the person I always find myself asking that question to is Mai, A Japanese friend/Pro vintage shopper, so everything is one of a kind. It's still nice to look at though, cute isn't she ? 

Jacket Zara, Vintage everything else sorry :P 

Empty Halls

Jacket & Boots Zara, Top River Island, Shorts Asos, Bag Warehouse, Earring Bead House, Watch Rotary , Necklace Madrid.

The Locals

Here's a blog you all need to check out . The Locals is a blog with the best street style shots from Berlin , Copenhagen, ROme , and all over. It is full of amazing inspiration.  Take a look :)  
All photos by Søren Jepsen,

Get Ready for the Freakin Weekend ;)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Phone Booth

Topshop Shoes, Jacket Monki, Skirt Boohoo, Necklace H&M, Top Asos, 

Dress it up

Top Motel Rocks , Shoes Topshop, Skirt Boohoo 

Let it out

So I'm coming to the point in my life where I have to make so many decisions. Denmark, to stay or to go? Universities, to study what gets me paid ( Ca$h money ) or to study what I enjoy ? So instead of doing either one of these , we decided to take some photos and just let it out! 

Jacket & Ballerinas  Zara , Top Asos, Pants Warehouse, Necklace H&M

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Life Lessons

There are many things every girl comes to know as she gets older .
 She learns in First grade that sticks and stones may break her bones but words will never hurt her, plus those bitches will probably become teen moms anyways ;) 
She learns that as thrilling as the bad boys are, it will end sour and with her crying her eyes out into a tub of Ben & Jerry's. 
 But one thing that I have yet to master. The perfect liquid eyeliner.....

This is a work in progress .

The kind of ACNE I crave

Fuck hormonal break outs this is the kind of ACNE i'm talking about . The grecian draping and soft palette are to die for. 

                                 Once pay day arrives/ I win the lottery I'm shopping here !