Friday, November 11, 2011

Whatever , $360

These are the words I wish could utter to get my hands on these gorgeous intricate pieces made by Unearthen . But my broke ass can't afford such things right now. So window/web shopping it is . Besides them being so delicate and yet rustic looking, they promise to ,
"select crystals that help focus on the goals you struggle to achieve, centre your thoughts on what you need, provide comfort in times of strain, or simply remind you of why you are here. The bullet casing balances and harmonises to the crystal it holds, because destruction is a necessary phase in the cycle of creation. Each crystal carries its own distinct properties. A crystal's energy engages its carrier to maintain consciousness of the stone's specific properties. The stone with the right properties will inherently attract you, and your connection with the crystal is intrinsic."

If this doesn't convince you just look at how beautiful they are. 
Now if I could only get my hands on $360 ......

Lots of love Nina x

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