Thursday, January 5, 2012

Take a break

Sorry for the long break but I have been in the mother land, Zimbabwe, for 2 weeks. Now I sit at my laptop with a view of the snow/rain ( they really can't make their mind up, can they ? ) already scrolling Momondo for flights home . Honestly as cliche as it is to say , There is no place like home, I've now returned 5 shades darker and my arse 5 times bigger due to all my mums spicy cooking and Room service, but I don't care. Home to me is the place where after not having seen some friends for 3 years we are still sisters. It is the place where I don't have to do anything to be entertained just being there feels right. It's the place where Zimbabweans have random conversations and SMILE to each other. So that's one thing I promise myself ( New Years Resolution #1) to try bring some of that positivity as we enter the time I like to call HELL or as others in denial like to call it, Winter. 
Jumpsuit & NecklaceTopshop, Watch Casio, Hat Fake Gucci yessirrr

Skirt River island, Top H&M, Blazer Mango, Bag Warehouse

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